Adgreencoat® is used all over the world to save on energy costs, reduce CO2-emissions and prevent production loss due to sun heat. Below you find the results we achieved with a selection of projects worldwide.

Cement Truck

Test with cement trucks in Japan (client confidential)

Saudi Projects

Projects we did in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kawasaki Distribution Center

Distribution center located in Kawasaki - Japan


Powerplant located in Tokyo - Japan

Storage Tank

Storage tank for liquified nitrogen located in Japan (client confidential)

Kloosterboer Vlissingen

Cold storage warehouse located in Vlissingen - The Netherlands

Saitama Factory

Factory for car parts located in Saitama - Japan

DHL Danzas Air & Ocean

Exclusive Boeing spare-parts distribution center located in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Ski Dubai

Indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of covered ski area located in Dubai - United Arab Emirates