Adgreencoat®  has various applications, like buildings, storage tanks, pipelines, transportation vehicles and more. See what Adgreencoat® can do for your business.

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Applying Adgreencoat to the roof and/or walls of your building has great benefits for your workers and staff. Protect the people inside, like workers, patients, staff, and students against the heat of the sun. Protect your valuable equipment against overheating and take a load off your cooling system. In addition, the costs of air conditioning and your buildings CO2-footprint will be significantly reduced.

Adgreencoat applications storage tanks


Storage tanks often are exposed to the heat of the sun for long periods of time. Use Adgreencoat® on the outside of the storage tanks to prevent production loss due to hot outside temperatures and preserve your fragile, flammable, and expensive products at top quality. By reflecting the heat of the sun on the outside of the storage tanks, the surface will stay cooler up to 25°C. This will also help prevent damages to the the storage tanks due to extreme weather.

Adgreencoat applications pipeline


Pipelines often cover a great distance and are exposed to rapidly shifting or extreme outside temperatures. By applying Adgreencoat® the surface of the pipelines will stay cooler up to 25°C. This will decrease the production loss due to hot outside temperatures and keep your liquids or gases cooler. With Adgreencoat you will also prevent damages caused by the heat on the pipeline itself, as it will reduce the process of expanding and shrinking.

Adgreencoat Cement Truck


Transit can be tricky with outside temperatures constantly shifting. Especially when goods are transported at a certain temperature, keeping them steadily cool can be of vital importance to prevent loss of goods or production. Apply Adgreencoat® to your trucks and ships, protect your transport goods against the heat of the sun, and reduce the cost of cooling significantly while getting your goods safely from A to B.

Adgreencoat applications storage tanks
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