Introducing the most effective and durable solar-reflective coating on the global market: Adgreencoat®. Read all about the unique features and applications or watch our introduction video below.


Adgreencoat® is a solar reflective coating developed by a joint venture of Toyota and Shin-Etsu to protect buildings, goods, and chemicals against the heat of the sun. Adgreencoat® is based on nano- technology and has significant advantages compared to other heat protective solutions. This is because of our unique and patented ingredient: Admafine. Thanks to Admafine, Adgreencoat® has the highest reflection rate on the market (87%) and a retention value of over 90% after 10 years. This makes it both an incredibly effective and sustainable solution for production and energy loss due to sun heat.


Protection starts at the outside surface. Adgreencoat® reflects the sunlight directly off the surface, preventing heat build-up and keeping the inside temperature cool. Adgreencoat® is applicable on almost every surface (steel, metal, stone, bitumen, etc.) and can be perfectly combined with existing (thermal) insulation.


Adgreencoat® has various applications, like buildings, storage tanks, pipelines, transportation vehicles and more. It is used to cut energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint, reduce production loss due to sun heat and improving indoor climates. We supply numerous companies active in various sectors, like production, freezing en cold storage, energy, chemical, data, farming, medical, and more.


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Adgreencoat® has several advantages compared to white paint or other coatings. Instead of adopting the heat of the sun in the top layer of the coating (image left, Adgreencoat® reflects the sunlight directly off the surface (image right). This is because of the small and solid particles of Admafine, instead of the bigger and hollow particles in white paint or conventional coatings. The direct reflection prevents heat built-up and heat islands, and does not accumulate the heat like conventional paint or coatings.


The application process of Adgreencoat® starts with cleaning the surface of the object, in the case on the left the roof of the building (1). After the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, we apply the the primer which makes sure Adgreencoat® sticks (2). The type of primer depends on the material of the surface in question. Lastly (3), we apply two thin layers of Adgreencoat® (40 – 50 μm thick). You’ll notice the cool difference right after application!


Everything you need to know about Adgreencoat® in two minutes.