The development of Adgreencoat started all the way back in 1990, when Toyota Motor Corporation and Shin-Etsu Chemical Corporation Limited joined forces and founded a new company: Admatechs.

Admatechs has had a flying start with the development of the world’s first revolutionary spherical inorganic fine ceramic material, with an extremely high insulation value. They called this material Admafine.

NCK International, based in Japan, is the only coating manufacturer in the world authorized to use the patented Admafine.
Adgreencoat, which contains Admafine, is developed and produced in Japan in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

Asia was the first to successfully get to know Adgreencoat, but to share the benefits and advantages of Adgreencoat with as many other parties as possible, NCK International started looking for a partner in the Middle East.

In 2012 they found the perfect partners in Conpipe and Vredenburg Community Consultancy (VCC). With lots of experience, an impressive network and an immaculate reputation, Conpipe is no stranger to the Middle East Market in the field of pipe coating. Then there’s VCC, who know how to successfully introduce new products into new markets. With their manpower and back office they now run this new joint venture.

Together they formed NCK Gulf and embarked on to the next challenge: introducing Adgreencoat  -for which they have the exclusive rights – to the NAME (North Africa Middle East) region.