The best and simplest way of heat insulation is COATING

Admafine is the unique and patented ingredient in Adgreencoat.
Basic characteristics of ADMAFINE

  1. Spherical particles Spherical particles with a diameter of 0.2to20µm.
  2. High purity Achieved by high-purity raw materials and special techniques
  3. Low surface area ratio Non-porous surface with little moisture content
  4. Narrow particle size distribution Easy blending control due to narrow particle size distribution
  5. High dispensability Excellent dispensability achieved because there is no strong adhesion among powders
  6. High safety Registered in the Positive List of Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association [B] NL-1481

Comparison of conventional insulation paint with Adgreencoat
Conventional heat shield coating Conventional heat shield coating contains porous ceramics with particles ranging in size from 50 µ to 300µ. It has many air voids which trap the absorbed heat in the coating layers, thus reducing indoor temperature increases. Although this effect works in the daytime, it does not mitigate the heat island phenomenon because the heat is released in the nighttime. Further, this heat trapping effect is not sustainable. This is because the material is so brittle that it is damaged with rapid temperature changes in daytime squalls and because its material no uniformity and surface roughness cause it to get dirty easily.


Adgreencoat vs Conventional coating
High Reflectivity, Exhaust heat radiation, Weather-proof & durable
Adgreencoat reflects 97% of the heat where as conventional insulation paints reflect maximum 83% 

01 High Reflectivity

02 Conventional Insulation Coating

Adgreencoat vs Conventional coating
Heat releasing effect

Conventional insulation paints slowly accumulate the stored heat throughout the paint layers. This stored heat continues to be radiated.
Adgreencoat however contains the unique and patented fine ceramic Admafine. This prevents even the slightest heat built-up by rapidly releasing heat and maintaining the same temperature as the outside environment.

04 Heat Releasing Effect ADG203 Conventional


Adgreencoat EX

Adgreencoat EX was developed in the pursuit of a heat exhaust effect, and it is the only coating material that contains nonporous ceramics with       0.5µ-sized spherical ultra-fine particles and which has many functions such as high heat conductivity, low thermal expansion, and enhanced heat resistance. It is also used worldwide to eliminate heat accumulation in precision apparatus, electronic devices, and semi-conductors.

Because of the nature of nonporous ceramics, heat is not trapped in the coating layers. Moreover, its functions are long-lasting because nonporous ceramics are difficult to damage due to their amorphous structure and rarely get dirty due to their smooth coating surface, attributable to ultra-fine particles.