Whether you’re in a residential or commercial building, Adgreencoat can be applied to the roof and walls of any building. This will improve the inside climate and significantly reduce air conditioning costs.
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Case Study: Buildings
Saudi Electricity
Case Study: Buildings
Ski Dubai
Case Study: Buildings
NCK Building test cases
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Storage Facilities

Adgreencoat is the perfect product for any storage facility. It will reflect the outside heat, reduce the surface and inside temperature and safely protect your fragile products, such as perishable and flammable goods. Also it will reduce condensation of vaporised and liquidised oil and gas products.
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Case Study: Storage Facilities
Case Study: Storage Facilities
Case Study: Storage Facilities
Storage Facilities
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Apply Adgreencoat to pipelines to keep the liquids or gases which you transport cool, by reflecting the heat from the outside of the pipes.
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Case Study: Piping
CPC Corporation - NCK Piping test case


Farms, Processing plants & Stables have the same benefits of reduced cooling costs and lower carbon emission as other industries, also the health and productivity of livestock will increase due to the better inside environment.
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Transit can be tricky with outside temperatures constantly shifting. Apply Adgreencoat to your (reefer) containers or trucks and this will reduce the cost of cooling significantly while getting your goods from A to B. Also beneficial in public transport to increase the comfort of travellers.
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Case Study: Transportation
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Adgreencoat will give great benefits when applied on the control stations of the transmission towers, saving energy and extend the lifetime of electrical components.
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